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Production methods

Norplast SIA is competent to produce glass fiber products with four basic production methods :

  • Vacuum infusion
  • Hand lamination
  • RTM light
  • Spray-up

Vacuum infusion

Vacuum method is a closed process where the glue (normally polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resin) is sucked through the reinforcement by vacuum. It creates a durable and high quality product.

Norplast SIA has become a specialist in vacuum infusion production. This process is particularly interesting for larger parts and products which require high quality. Vacuum infusion is also environmentally friendly as production takes place in a closed mold process.

Hand lamination

Hand lamination method is a process where the glue (normally polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resin) is applied manually to the reinforcement. After applying the resin, one forms the reinforcement by using hand metal roller until all the air in the fiber glass is removed.

RTM light

RTM light method is a production method where the mold has one rigid half normally for the “A surface” (typically the female cavity) of the mold, with silicon bag for upper mold half. Each mold half is made from a thermoset polyester or vinyl ester tooling gel-coat surface having a fiberglass reinforced thermoset polymer laminate backing that is normally supported by steel box tubing to retain the tooling shape and provide an ergonomic orientation.
RTM light demands high quality, accurate cross-section molds in order to provide good mold life and consistent production of repeatable parts.


Spray-up method is a production method where both the reinforcement (fiber glass) and the resin are sprayed, ready cut and mixed, onto the mold surface. After that, one uses hard metal roller to “roll out” the trapped air and make it even with the mold surface. This is a fast and cost efficient production method, but it requires skilled workers to get a good end result.

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