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Fish farming

Norplast AS manufactures all the composite parts to floating closed fish cage systems which have such advantages as no chemicals required for delousing, no escapes, reduced mortality, improved Feed Factor (FCR), controlled water flow and oxygen saturation etc.

The company can supply the following dimensions of fish pools:
1. D=2m, h=1,2m, in one piece, outlet at the bottom;
2. D=3,4m, h=1,6m without floor, from two parts, possible to fix on concrete or on GRP;
3. D=5,0m, h=2,0m, from two parts, outlet at the bottom;
4. D=8,0m, h= 2,0m, from four parts, outlet at the bottom;
5. D=12m, h=2,0m, from 8 parts, for connection on concrete floor.
6. D=26m, h=13m, from 18 parts, like half ball.
7. D=40m, from 16 parts, h=14,0m with only walls fixing on concrete, with bottom h= 21m.
It is possible to make all pools insulated.

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