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Norplast SIA was established in 1995. Initially, the company recruited 6 employees and manufactured a variety of fiberglass boats for the Norwegian market. Norplast today produces not only for Scandinavian companies but also for the world market in various sectors such as ship’s safety equipment, sea rescue boats, oil production, transport, recreation, wastewater treatment and fish farming etc.

Norplast SIA is owned 100% by Norpartners AS in Norway. Norpartners AS engages in the marketing of the products and more than 95% of Norplast’s production is exported. Norplast SIA has currently 50 employees.

Norplast is specialized in fiberglass products with four main production methods:

  • Vacuum infusion
  • Hand lamination
  • RTM light
  • Spray-up


Litus Lux
On December 15, 2015, Norpartners signed a contract with Kystverket to deliver several new lighthouses named Litus Lux.


Neptun 3 
Norpartners delivers Neptun 3, the world’s largest closed fish farm in GRP 125 tons in weight and 40 meters in diameter to Aquafarm.


Ålborg Kulturbro
Norplast has supplied bridge elements for Ålborg Kulturbro, Denmark. The bicycle and walking bridge consists of 78 elements.

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