+371 63807074 GPS N56.67292, E22.46645 "Sandes", Saldus district, LV-3862, Latvia

Products & services

«Saying what we are doing, doing what we are saying»

Norplast would like to be known as:

  1. A reliable partner for long-term relationship
  2. A producer of high quality products
  3. Full traceability control
  4. Flexibility in production system
  5. Expedited delivery time

Norplast engages in the following sectors:

  1. Boats for professional purposes
  2. Oil & Gas
  3. Fish farming
  4. Ships & Offshore
  5. Aids to navigation
  6. Transport industry
  7. Wind energy
  8. Construction/Building
  9. Wastewater treatment
  10. Leisure & Home

Advantages in working with Norplast:

  1. Long standing experience in composite production
    (since 1995)
  2. High quality products
  3. Technical and cost optimized solutions

Advantages in using composites:

  1. Weight reduction
  2. Corrosion resistance
  3. Design flexibility (for instance double curved surface)
  4. Better fatigue performance
  5. Designed mechanical and physical properties
  6. Complicated shapes producible in fewer parts


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